Fast Funding


TurboPass is an innovative platform that makes collecting and validating stips easy, quick, and secure. TurboPass directly connects you to customer bank accounts, allowing you to minimize fraud, choose the best down payment, and ultimately get funded faster. Turbo your Sales and Funding Time with TurboPass!

With TurboPass, collecting and validating proof of identity, income, employment, and residence stips is:

Quick: Avoid hassles and time spent gathering and uploading sensitive documents

Easy: Instantly clear stips and get funded faster

Secure: Minimize the risk of fraud

Here’s how it works:

  1. Input basic customer information and TurboPass will send the customer the link
  2. Customers will receive an SMS with the Dealership name and TurboPass link
  3. Customers easily share the “read only” statements from their online utility or bank accounts
  4. View and share the TurboPass report from your dashboard

See your Dealer Account Manager for Details.