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Dealer Solutions

Full Spectrum Financing​

Finance any customer that walks in the door!

Whether you are a franchise or independent dealer, Westlake Financial is the tool that can help your dealership increase your bottom line. With a full array of aggressive programs available, Westlake gives dealers the ability to offer:

  • competitive rates
  • up to 2% dealer participation on certain products
  • Dealer fees and down payments as low as $0
  • Terms as high as 72 months.

With the largest dealer network in the US, Westlake Financial is in the business of helping you sell more vehicles!

Receive instant approvals 24/7/365 for most of your customers through DealerCenter®, Dealertrack®, CUDL®, and  RouteOne ® with flexible financing options.

Credit Tiers

  • Rates as low as 6.99%
  • Down Payments & Lender Fees as low as $0
  • Up to 72-month terms
  • Up to 2% Dealer Participation
  • Rates as low as 7.99%
  • Down payments as low as 5%
  • Up to 2% Dealer Participation
  • Westlake’s fastest growing segment
  • Up to 2% Dealer Participation
  • Up to 72-month terms
  • Up to 72-month terms
  • No minimum credit score
  • Accepts hard-to-prove incomes
  • Discounts as low as $400
  • Allows open and past bankruptcies

Deal Enhancement Tools


You’re your own credit analyst. Westlake allows you to rehash your deal to making negotiating easy. In seconds you can lower your deal discount by adjusting term, down payment, and sales price. Take control of your retail finance deals!

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Take the guesswork out of structuring retail finance deals. Westlake’s AutoStructure tool helps you instantly calculate the best deal structure with the highest net check using the customer’s desired monthly payment & down payment.

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I-Maxx (Inventory Maximizer)

Don’t let customers walk off the lot without an approval. Using a desired down payment and monthly payment, Westlake’s I-Maxx tool can quickly find all the vehicles in your inventory on which a customer can be approved. I-Maxx helps dealers provide a menu of vehicles and loan structures for their customers to minimize the loss of sales due to inadequate finance options.

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Fast Funding


Speed up your funding time and shift away from the error-prone approach of manual entry. Dealers who eContract with Westlake often see funds a full day faster once the deal package is complete. With eContracting, dealers can also ensure they have captured the proper signatures, forms, and deal documents.

Westlake accepts eContracts on all deals regardless of credit type through Route One and DealerCenter. Dealers who submit applications through Dealertrack can use DealerCenter eContracting simply by rehashing the deal.

eContracting Benefits:

  • Submit deals faster to Westlake
  • Potentially faster funding
  • Quick and Easy contracting process
  • No special hardware required


Turbo your Sales, Cashflow, and Dealership with TurboPass. You can securely and efficiently validate bank statements, incomes, identity, down payments, and more. TurboPass allows our dealers to minimize fraud and get funded faster.

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Other Solutions


SecureOne® can help increase your profit margin, while giving peace of mind to your customers. When structuring your next deal, take a look at the benefits when you add Secure One with Westlake’s preferred extended service contact provider.

If things go wrong, parts and labor costs can add up quickly. With SecureOne®, your customers’ out-of-pocket expenses can decrease dramatically, helping them get back into their car with less financial worry.

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SureDrive by Lo/Jack

Introducing SureDrive™ – The solution to safeguarding your customer’s cars and the loved ones who drive it.  SureDrive™ Connected Car App allows your customer to monitor and manage their vehicle on the go.  They can receive alerts if the the vehicle is ever stolen, been in an accident, or exceeds set speed limits.  They can also be notified when the vehicle has arrived at the desired location.  SureDrive™ also provides roadside assistance, finds the closest gas stations, hospitals, emergency rooms, and SureDrive™ agents can help quickly location and track stolen vehicles.  Westlake dealers earn $100 for ever SureDrive™ product sold.  Download the product flyer for restrictions and coverage areas.

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Available Dealer Services

DealerCenter Dealer Management System (DMS)

Take control of your dealership with DealerCenter’s premier dealer management system (DMS). Powerful technology, easy-to-use features and free unlimited training and support help you drive your business!

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CarZing Inventory Listing

Introducing Your Cars To More Customers! Open your doors to more customers online! CarZing® vehicle listing site gives online buying power to your customers and helps your dealership compete in the fast-changing online marketplace. Sign up for a CarZing membership now to increase your online sales.

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Thousands of quality Westlake vehicles are sold through auctions nationwide. Dealers can find the vehicles they need while getting guaranteed quality and money back when they purchase a Westlake car. Westlake dealers can get $250 off any Westlake deal with every Westlake vehicle purchase.

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Westlake Remarketing

Westlake Flooring

Drive your business with a Westlake Flooring line, backed by one of the top lenders in the country and excellent customer service! Westlake Flooring provides credit lines to finance inventory at the industry’s most competitive rates with quick funding. In addition, Westlake dealers enjoy benefits like lower rates, waived term fees, and RIC deal discounts when they bundle consumer and inventory financing.

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Westlake Capital Finance

Credit Lines

Get access to more money and increase the flexibility you need to grow your business! Receive industry-leading interest rates and specifically designed credit lines for your business needs. With a credit line through Westlake Capital Finance, you may be able to save 50% on monthly credit line payments and immediately access cash from your portfolio.

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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Build the business of your dreams with commercial real estate loans. Avoid the unpredictability of leasing by buying, refinancing or building your own real estate. We offer flexible terms from one to five years to best suit your business needs. 

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GlobalTrack GPS

Experience the difference, with the most innovative vehicle tracking devices on the market.

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Deal Spotlight

Westlake’s Titanium program allows dealers to provide aggressive financing options to prime customers who walk onto the dealership lot. Dealers enjoy having the ability to offer rates as low as 6.49% with up to 2% dealer participation. Not to mention, dealer fees and down payments can be as low as $0 and terms as high as 72 months. Needless to say, the Titanium program allows Westlake to be a truly competitive full-spectrum lender.

Click to enlarge sample deal

Dealers enjoy the approval flexibility that allows them to cater to a wider range of customers with Westlake’s Platinum program. There is no vehicle mileage restriction, APR’s as low as 8.49% and loan terms up to 72 months with minimal stip requirements. The Platinum program allows dealers to be competitive with the big banks for near-prime and prime credit customers.

  • Rates as low as 8.49%
  • Up to 2% Dealer Participation only with no chargebacks
  • Loan terms up to 72 Months
  • Minimal STIP requirements
  • Hard-To-Prove incomes accepted
  • Maximum Loan Amount $50,000
  • No Minimum Income, Residence, Job, Bureau Time

Click to enlarge sample deal

Westlake’s Gold program allows dealers to provide aggressive financing options to customers with established credit history, regardless of vehicle mileage or age. The Gold program offers loan terms up to 72 months, APRs as low as 7.99%, and low dealer fees. Customers with hard-to-prove incomes, open or discharged bankruptcies, and prior non-Westlake repossessions all qualify for the Gold program.

  • Up to 2% Dealer Participation only with no chargebacks
  • APRs as low as 7.99%
  • Loan Terms up to 72 Months
  • No Look to Book
  • Hard-to-Prove incomes accepted
  • No Minimum Amount Financed
  • Maximum Loan Amount $50,000
  • No Minimum Income, Residence, Job, Bureau Time
  • Allows Prior Repossessions

Click to enlarge sample deal

Deal Spotlight

Westlake’s Standard program gives dealers the ability to approve those hard-to-finance customers. Due to the program’s approval flexibility, dealers rely on this program for their first-time buyer and sub-prime finance business. The Standard program does not require a minimum credit score, allows open and past bankruptcies (BK’s), accepts hard-to-prove incomes, and offers competitive Loan to Value (LTVs). Loan terms extend up to 72 months and discounts drop as low as $349. No longer turn away customers due to a lack of financing options.

  • No minimum Credit Score
  • Loan terms up to 72 months
  • Discounts as low as $349
  • Accepts hard-to-prove incomes
  • Allows open and past bankruptcies (BK’s)
  • No Minimum Income, Job Time, Residence Time, Bureau Time
  • No Minimum Amount Financed
  • Maximum Loan Amount $25,000

Take a look at these deals.

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Deal Enhancement Tools


Re-work your own deals and get an instant approval with our Rehash tool.

1. Deal Summary: View insight on your deal’s approval status and an overview of the deal, customer and vehicle information

2. Deal Structure: Rehash your deal structure to achieve a higher net check with the help of auto structure, deal hints, and smart buttons

3. Smart Buttons: Click on the blue icon and receive hints that help you reach a higher net check

4.  Customer/STIPS: View the signer and co-signer’s job and income information. Review waived stipulations and submitted stipulations

5. Funding: Tracks your deal while it’s in the funding process. Receive deal updates and view lender comments


Westlake gives you the control to find the right deal structure for you and your customer while maximizing your net checks. Our AutoStructure tools allows you to input the customer’s desired monthly and down payments to adjust the deal structure. Check out the images to see how this program works.

Benefits of AutoStructure:

  • Puts the decision in the dealers’ hands
  • Helps dealers maximize their net check
  • Receive the ideal structure in seconds

I-Maxx (Inventory Maximizer)

Westlake’s I-Maxx tool allows you to match one customer with many cars in your inventory on which they can be approved. Using desired monthly and down payment, I-Maxx quickly identifies vehicles in your inventory on which your customer is approved and sorts them by highest gross. With I-Maxx your customers should never leave your lot without a list of vehicles for which they qualify.


Benefits of I-Maxx:

  • Showcase additional cars the customer can afford based on down and monthly payment
  • Sell more cars
  • Speed up the rehash process

DealerCenter Dealer Management System (DMS) by DealerCenter

Dealer Management Solutions

DealerCenter’s DMS technology leads the industry with innovation, dependability and value. No other platform combines more functionality into a single interface, making it easier than ever to run a dealership with efficiency and profitability.

DealerCenter also offers full inventory management, lender management, deal desking, CRM, BHPH, digital marketing & social media, custom dealer websites, and more—all in one easy-to-use system.

Total Lender Management →
Submit credit applications and receive lender decisions from RouteOne and Dealertrack, right from DealerCenter

Dealer Management System →
All the DMS tools you need, including inventory management, desking, payment processing, and Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax credit bureau services.

Inventory Merchandising →
Everything you need to professionally showcase your vehicles, including Book values, photo overlay, window stickers, and vehicle history reports.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) →
Manage every aspect of the customer journey with our powerful tools, including SMS & Email messaging, tasks & workflow management, and more.

Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) →
From contracting and collections to reporting and analytics, DealerCenter makes it easy to stay on top of your entire portfolio

Digital Marketing →
Powerful advertising and marketing tools to manage your online presence.

Custom Dealer Websites →
DealerCenter’s custom websites are responsive and SEO-optimized to create the perfect online shopping experience for any customer, on any device.

Full-Featured Mobile App →
Oversee your deals, upload inventory, run vehicle history reports, communicate with customers, and more, right from your phone.

Dealer Services – DealDriver by DealerCenter

Deal Driver Logo

Build advanced financing tools directly into your website with DealerCenter’s DealDriver tool! Give buyers the freedom and flexibility to pre-qualify and structure their own deal, without affecting their credit score. You’ll receive each customer’s information and credit score, and the customer will be able to view their financing options instantly, keeping them engaged with your site longer.


  • Easy Customizable Website Plugin
  • Instant Customer Results – No SSN & No Impact to Credit
  • Generate Multiple Customer Payment Options
  • Set Financing & Lender Criteria
  • Mobile Responsive